VESURE Proven Formula

Hair and Scalp Microscopic Examination

Scalp is amplified up to 200 times for an assessment of the conditions of hair, hair follicle and density of hair.

Administer Customized Treatment

Based on individual conditions and external factors, in consultation with the customer

Scalp Detox

VESURE Signature Scalp Cleansing Nourishing mask contains more than 20 ingredients including Tea Three oil, Lavender and Wild Mint to effectively remove aging keratin and serum buildup and provide nourishment to the scalp

High Intense Nano Mist

Ensure Herbal extract essence is evenly and fully delivered to the scalp for maximum absorption

High frequency Ozone Comb

Used to stimulate the scalp and sterilize the scalp to prepare for the application of Herbal Tonic and Essence


Iontophoresis uses microcurrent to gently push the herbal essence into the scalp, intensifying the herbal effectiveness

Rejuvenating Head Massage and Soothing Gua Sha

Is an integral part of the treatment process. Promote blood circulation in the scalp and absorption of herbal extract

Infrared Spectral Therapy

Energize hair follicle activity and increase blood circulation which improves the regeneration ability of collagen fibers in order to promote metabolism aiding hair growth