Home Remedy for Hair Loss and Premature Grey Hair

Home Remedy for hair loss and premature grey hair is a viable option to address mild or moderate hair loss and premature grey hair conditions. With quality home scalp solutions and consistent applications, hair loss and greying conditions can be managed and improved. 

While it is expected to take a longer time to observe visible results compared to in-centre treatment, home therapy offers the advantages of lower cost and more convenience and is suitable for everyone.  It is also perfect as a maintenance routine to maintain a healthy scalp for thicker and darker hair growth. 

For more advanced hair loss and premature grey hair conditions, in-centre treatment is recommended to make the most of modern trichology machines to boost dermal delivery and enhance the effectiveness of herbal essence absorption into the hair follicles. 

Home Therapy Set

Vesure home therapy set consists of a set of herbal scalp tonics and essence targeting hair thinning and premature grey hair conditions. The disparate male and female biological systems entail that distinctively specific formulation is used to treat men and women pattern hair loss and premature grey hair. 

The fine-quality scalp essence concentrate exhibits excellent penetrative properties to support an effective self-application for the best results.

Home Solution for Hair Loss and Grey Hair

Essentials of Effective Hair Loss and Greying Home Therapy

There are a number of key constituent elements that will affect the effectiveness of home therapy. It is important to know and follow the requirements to secure a positive improvement in scalp conditions and visible healthy hair growth. 

Tailored Remedy

Home therapy is no different from in-centre treatment, which rely on customized treatment to achieve optimum results. A scalp analysis and hair examination, supplemented with questionnaires are performed to assess the appropriateness of home therapy. If found suitable, essence tailored to individual conditions is prescribed, along with precise instructions on the proper application and stimulating head massage steps to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Home remedy head massage

Finest Scalp Essence Promotes Absorption

With no professional trichology machines and therapeutic scalp massage to aid absorption, the make-up of the scalp essence is important. VESURE patented technology produced the finest quality plant and herbal extracts that are readily absorbed by the hair follicles, a critical factor in any home therapy.

Consistent Daily Application

Diligently following the recommendations and consistent daily application of the scalp tonic and essence will ensure a successful outcome, restoring the scalp conditions to support healthy hair growth. The scalp tonic and essence are applied directly on the scalp after hair wash and blow or tower dry. After application, apply suitable techniques such as comb massage, fingertip scalp massage or better still, scalp microneedling to stimulate the herbal extracts absorption. Weekly scalp exfoliation is a important routine to prevent sebum build-up and allow the scalp to readily absorb the herbal extracts ssolutions. 

Regular Follow-up

You are encouraged to visit the centre for a consultation and scalp analysis to review the progress of the self-therapy, typically once every 3 months or after the completion of the scalp essence.