Home Remedy for Hair Loss and Premature Grey Hair. Does it work?

There is no definite answer. However, there are a number of constituent elements that will significantly improve the effectiveness of home therapy.

VESURE Home Remedy is a viable option for mild or moderate hair loss or premature grey hair conditions, including those with early signs of hair thinning or grey hair. It is perfect as a maintenance routine to promote healthy hair growth. 

For more advanced hair loss and premature grey hair conditions, in-centre treatment is recommended. Modern trichology machines and skillful head massage techniques are employed in our center to boost the effectiveness of herbal essence absorption into the hair follicles. 

Tailored Remedy

Home therapy is no different from in-centre treatment, which rely on customized treatment to achieve optimum results. A scalp analysis and hair examination, supplement with questionnaires are performed to assess the appropriateness of home therapy. If found suitable, essence tailored to individual conditions is prescribed, along with precise instructions on the proper application and stimulating head massage steps to achieve maximum effectiveness.

comb massage

Patented Finest Extracts

Without Trichology machines and skillful scalp massage to aid absorption, the make-up of the Essence is important. VESURE patented technology produced the finest quality Plant and Herbal Extracts that is readily absorbed by the hair follicles, a critical factor in any home therapy.

Consistent Application

Ultimately, diligently following the recommendations will ensure a successful outcome, restoring the scalp conditions to support healthy hair growth; at a fraction of the cost, at your convenience.

You are encouraged to visit the centre for a complimentary scalp analysis once every 4-6 months of continuous usage to review and track the progress.