• Activating Shampoo 500ml

    An advanced formulation of revitalizing medicinal herb and plant extracts designed to combat hair thinning and prevent hair loss.
    This shampoo is formulated to effectively cleanse the scalp while infusing the scalp with key nutrients to nourish hair follicles for stronger and healthier hair growth, tackling hair thinning and hair loss conditions.
    Suitable for anyone with mild hair thinning or starting to experience hair loss. Use daily use to achieve a healthy scalp and stronger hair.

  • Scalp detox nourishing mask

    Deep Cleansing Scalp Mask 100gm

    A distinctive high-value, high-performing purifying and nourishing scalp mask.

    Gently and effectively exfoliates and unclogs pores with formidable natural ingredients, without disrupting the scalp pH balance and stressing the delicate environment.

    Formulated with a powerful blend of more than 20 medicinal herbs and plants that act directly on the scalp to strengthen the anchorage of the hair root and rebalance the scalp, enabling strong and healthy hair growth.

    Suitable for all scalp conditions, specifically to control dandruff, oily and itchy scalp.