QXTL Head Reflexology

  • Prevent hair thinning and premature grey hair 
  • Boost concentration and cognitive abilities
  • Reduce migraines and tension headache
  • Tightening of scalp and skin which prolong facial skin from sagging
  • Improve quality of sleep

Relax and enjoy the many benefits of QXTL Head Reflexology

Most of us have heard of foot reflexology but have you heard of head reflexology? Both head and foot reflexology have similar benefits such as: stimulating lymphatic drainage, increasing energy levels and improving blood circulation.

QXTL Head Reflexology is VESURE unique wellness program which harmonize scalp massage with Taiwan Traditional Gua Sha Techniques (Traditional Scraping) to provide a wholesome, all-encompassing relaxation moment, improving the overall wellness of the mind and body.

Gua Sha stimulates the opposing acupoints and reflex zones of the head to promote micro-circulation of blood in the scalp, which helps to prevent hair thinning and grey hair and regain healthy hair growth. Due to its many benefits, QXTL Head Reflexology is an integral and essential regimen of all VESURE Comprehensive Hair and Scalp Treatment and Hair Spa services.

QXTL Head Reflexology Service

To fully enjoy the uplifting effects and benefits of QXTL Head Reflexology, a full session of 45 mins QXTL Head Reflexology is available. The relaxing service, also known as scalp exercise, begins with a herbal hair wash and blow dry followed by head massage and 30 minutes of soothing scalp Gua Sha.

QXTL Head Reflexology

What do our customers say about QXTL Head Reflexology

“Will definitely come back again! The head reflexology and scalp purifying treatment are great.”

Vanessa S

“This is the most delightful Vaniday experience ever. The head reflexology is a good 30mins session using cow horn. It is a very unique experience not offered commonly at other places. Highly recommended and I wish Lina all success in her shop. Will definitely return for another head reflexology!”

Carolynn L

“Head reflexology is so good. Good for the scalp and blood circuralation”

Cynthia H

“Enjoyed the Head Reflexology and slept halfway through and likely to try again soon.”

De Ming W

“Head reflexology was very soothing that I fell asleep. Service & price very reasonable. Will definitely go back again. Thank you Linna.”

Angela L

“A very relaxing experience.Thank you Linna for the wonderful service!:)”

Elva Chai N
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