About Us

VESURE Hair Therapy is delighted to bring VESURE to Singapore, adding to its presence in Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong and China. 

VESURE treatment philosophy is rooted in treating  the root cause to provide a lasting improvement. It believed that medicinal herbs provide the best tradeoff between safety and efficacy of treatments.

As a biotechnology company, VESURE is driven by its quest to continuously improving and developing new products and services which benefit its customers.  In recent years, it has collaborated with a Research Centre in Seoul to successfully develop its next generation of products and treatments.  

We shared VESURE Business Ethics of Transparency and Honesty, absolutely no exaggerated claims. We know you might be apprehensive about visiting a hair and scalp centre. We are here to serve you. A thorough and objective assessment is performed and suitable options are shared. There is no hard sell; customers are encouraged to explore their options at their own pace. We are committed to working with you to restore the condition of your scalp for healthy hair growth.

Holistic Hair and Scalp Care

Professional Therapy

Targeted and quality treatments underpins all of our services for a smooth path towards healthy scalp and fuller hair.

Mind and Body Relaxation

Harmonized Head massage with renowned Taiwan Traditional Gua Sha to relax the mind and body, improving overall well-being.

Customer Education

Equip our customers with the knowledge to maintain their hair and scalp in a sustainable manner.

What You Can Expect From Us

Quality Services

We are dedicated to restoring the health of your hair, strictly adhering to VESURE Proven Formula. From healthy hair wash to hair and scalp treatment, you can trust us to provide consistent and reliable services. 

As with any natural herbal treatment without the use of Western medication, you will see gradual but lasting improvement with consistent treatment. There is no overnight miracle. We absolutely do not make exaggerated claims.  All our before and after pictures are taken from the proven results of our customers.

Reasonable Price

We are located in a HDB estate to keep the overheads low, which allows us to provide affordable services without compromising the quality of the treatment. You can expect professional hair and scalp services at a reasonable price – we would like to think we are among the lowest cost per treatment for comparable services in this industry.

Visit to our centre should be relaxing and stress-free and we hope that it is something you look forward to for a quiet moment. We provide professional advice but will not pressurize customers to make hasty decisions. 

Pre-wash head massage

Pleasant Environment

We maintain a clean and hygiene environment. All equipment and devices are fully cleaned and sterilized before and after use.

You can expect a friendly and comfortable environment where everyone feels welcome.

Our centre is located at Ang Mo Kio Central, situated away from the crowd to provide a quiet and relaxing environment.

Vesure Ang Mo Kio outlet